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Sunday March 1st 2015
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Gymnast signs with Nebraska

 By Donald Kelly Reporter Catelyn Orel is very accomplished at what she does. Although most people don’t know what she does because it isn’t a varsity sport although she [Read More]


Teacher continues artistic passion outside school

    Many students get involved in many [Read More]

Mud throwers make ceramics after school

By Harper Stephens Reporter   You don’t [Read More]

South children of police officers

 By Clayton Anderson Sports Editor Being a [Read More]


A time for recognition

By Manuela Enama Reporter   February is a special month for many reasons, but to African-Americans it’s a month of celebration. Celebration of not only their rich [Read More]


Spirituality versus Religion

      Way too often people confuse the meaning of religion and spirituality [Read More]

The importance of customer service

 By Jackson Bassford Reporter   No matter what industry you decide to work for, [Read More]

One person’s joke may be an insult to someone else

 By Caelan Saunders Reporter   The tragedies that have befallen France in [Read More]

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